April 28, 2015

Setup NovaDocker driver && Openstack Kilo on Ubuntu 14.04 ( devstack ) recoverable between reboots

Step by step instruction for  setting up  Nova-Docker driver && Openstack Kilo on Ubuntu 14.04 in devstack environment recoverable between reboots. Also routing across LAN is described for remote access to Devstack (stack.sh) public network. I've tried to cover all known as of time of writing problems preventing ./rejoin-stack.sh from successful run. However , I cannot issue any warranty that tomorrow new daemon won't rejoin stack instance after reboot. The only way for safe solution would be RDO Kilo Release expected in may of 2015 (for myself of course). This post is written with major concern of successful loading by Kilo Nova-Docker Driver in development environment.

Complete text of article may be viewed here

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