June 24, 2010

Seven GNU Projects For .NET Developers


AJAX Control ToolKit

ACT is a very good framework for the ASP developers to develop rich internet applications. Check out the project's page on the ASP.NET website for a comprehensive list of control demos, in addition to dozens of tutorials which show you how to take advantage of the toolkit's many features.


he MVC architecture play a important role inside the web developer platform and this framework will help to accomplish. Thanks to the ASP.NET MVC Framework, .NET developers also have a powerful open source framework solution at their disposal.

Cruise Control

Because this level of automation involves numerous moving parts, several solutions which facilitate the creation of a custom continuous integration process have popped up in recent years, including the open source project CruiseControl. Offering tools for automating the build process, browsing the build results, and producing build reports, CruiseControl has become such a popular continuous integration solution that a large extension ecosystem has emerged.


One of the most popular such solutions is DotNetNuke, a powerful .NET-driven content management platform used by hundreds of thousands of small businesses and Fortune 500 corporations alike around the globe.


Maybe mono is the most representative, stable and powerful .NET Framework on Linux. Now fostered by Novell, Mono has grown in size and ambition over the years to not only allow .NET applications to run on alternative platforms, but also support Silverlight on Linux (known as Moonlight), and even build iPhone applications using C# programming (known as MonoTouch).


Tired of dealing with a growing jumble of build difficulties, developer James Davidson created Ant, a build tool for Java projects which subsequently became the most diffuse build solution for the Java community. A subsequent tool named NAnt brings similar capabilities to the .NET community.


.NET developers have long had a powerful ORM tool at their disposal in NHibernate, a popular open source project which has been actively developed since its initial 2005 release. Capable of removing many of the difficult data-oriented tasks from a .NET developer's TODO list

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