June 19, 2009

Slackware Linux Tip-of-the-day: xorg.conf setup

In Slackware the default setup has an unconfigured xorg.conf file (screen setup), this usually irritates newer users and causes many to use different ways to configure the xorg.conf file.  I have personally seen many new users with the misconception that they must manually configure the file, which leads to frustration and in some cases giving up on Slackware.

There are in fact many ways to configure that file and the use of those methods depends on your level of knowledge about your hardware. I will list them in simplest to most difficult order.

  1. Run xorgsetup, this is a simple menu driven configuration script that auto-detects most hardware and massively simplifies the installation.
  2. Run xorgconf, this is a CLI base script that asks questions about your hardware, it requires some knowledge to configure.
  3. You can also install the proprietary drivers for you video card which will auto-build the xorg.conf file for you and add some additional functionality.I highly recommend for new users to use xorgsetup to get their systems into a GUI for the first run.
  4. Manually edit the xorg.conf file, this will provide the most controlled setting but it also requires you to know all about your hardware and has a very high potential for user errors.
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