July 6, 2009

Spiffchorder part 1

Today I have been building the keyboard for the wearable. So far it's almost ready, except for the Atmega8 chip which has not yet been programmed, and I still need to create a case for it.
The chorder is a Spiffchorder, or a Spaceman Spiff's chording keyboard. It's a free hardware project and it's so simple to build that even I (newbie with electronics) seem to be able to. Even though I didn't make that board itself, nor did I have to hunt for those parts, I just soldered and wired it. It's possible to build it even without a board they say.
I have been playing around with some possible cases. One cool and pretty comfortable was a cheap mouse that came with a Dell computer. Other mouses I have tried to hold and dry-train typing with were not too comfortable.
This is another one that I like, seems like it's a bit harder to make and I have never worked with leather.
Then I could be the guy who kids point at and say  "That's the guy who's wearing a mouse on his belt!"
Little do they know that's actually my keyboard.
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