June 7, 2009

Synchronising Nokia phone contacts to Google via SyncML

Production shot of a Nokia N81I found some instructions a few months back on how to sync my Nokia N81 to Goolge Contacts. The reason you would do this is because Nokia don't produce software to backup your phone in Linux, so bar a few third party options you're kind of stuck.

Luckily, Nokia supports SyncML as well as Google Contacts, so it's a fairly trivial process to get them working with each other, without Exchange or any other 3rd party software. It's just that I can no longer find the link, so the following is some tidied up instructions I sent over IRC, so I don't have to do it again.

First you need to access the Sync app on your phone. This is located within Tools on the main menu for me.

  • Options > New Sync Profile
  • name it whatever
  • Applications > contacts > include > yes
  • Applications > contacts > remote db > 'conacts'
  • Applications > contacts > synchronoisation > both ways
  • I only wanted it one way, but it didnt work then. You have to take it both ways.
  • Back to connection settings
    • server version > 1.1
    • data bearer > internet
    • access point > whatever you like
    • host address > https://m.google.com/syncml
    • port > 443
    • username >
      This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
    • password > example
    • allow sync requests > yes
    • accept all sync requests > no
    • network authentication > no

And there you have it. No more worries about losing all your contacts because you dunked your phone in a cup of tea. As an added bonus you can also sync it with virtually all new phones that use Google Contacts or SyncML.

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