May 21, 2009

Templates in Aptitude

Small trick with aptitude, package manager in Debian-based distributions.

Aptitude's search understands some templates in search. Several of them:

~ntext -- all packages with name containing text

~dtext -- with description containing text

~i -- installed packages

~c -- removed (not purged) packages

~N -- new packages in repository

~U -- upgradable packages

~Dtext -- packages depend of packages text

~Rtext  -- packages that depend of text

| -- OR

! --  NOT


Case studies:

aptitude purge '~c' -- purge all removed packages

aptitude search ~neclipse -- search all packagse with name containing   eclipse

aptitude search '~i(~nfirefox|~niseweasel) ' --all installed packages with 'firefox' or 'isewease' in package name

aptitude search '!~i~dkde'  -- not installed packages with 'kde' in description

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