January 15, 2017

TripleO QuickStart HA & CEPH Deployment on Fedora 25 Server VIRTHOST

The most recent commits in  https://github.com/openstack/tripleo-quickstart
allow to use Fedora 25 Server  (32 GB) as target VIRTHOST for TripleO
Quickstart HA Deployments  and benefit from QEMU's  (2.7.1) && Libvirt's (2.2.0) 
the most recent KVM virtualization features coming with last Fedora release.

Prior to deployment on VIRTHOST install KSM and enable ksm.service  :-

# dnf -y install python2-dnf ksm libselinux-python
# systemctl start ksm
# systemctl enable ksm

Complete text maybe seen here http://dbaxps.blogspot.com/2017/01/tripleo-quickstart-ha-deployment-on.html

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