May 7, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04: The Year of the Ubuntu Linux

Despite the plethora of Linux distributions where everyone can choose for every need (Supercomputing, Home Server, Webserver, Home desktop, Netbook, etc) the operating system, Ubuntu Linux (of Canonical) has succeeded in a unique way to make its brand name synonymous with Linux.The next long-awaited version, codenamed "Lucid Lynx", will offer the best experience users can have of their operating system. It will be available in three editions: Desktop, Server and Netbook (mini laptop).



  • Its name, derived from the concept of ubuntu in Zulu and Xhosa (Xhosa) means' I am what I am, because what we are all ". With new looks, themes and wallpapers,  the 10.04 version represents a major milestone for The Ubuntu Linux.
  • Improved logo, new promotions and partnerships with companies, Canonical plans to further expand its market share on desktop, server and netbook systems.
  • Instead of selling the Ubuntu itself, Canonical record revenue from the pay technical support for the product.
  • The motto of Ubuntu is "Linux for humans" (Linux for Human beings), which describes its primary purpose - to create a Linux distribution more easy to use than the others.
  • Whether you are a newbie or an experienced user, this edition will love as you will find a variety of programs ready for use in their daily work with your computer.

Social outset

  • From the start, with Ubuntu you can connect to IM services (known to the general public as a messenger) and social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live (MSN), Yahoo! Messenger etc.
  • In the upper right corner by clicking the icon, folder, next to the clock you can connect to all your accounts simultaneously.New messages appear there, to see what happens at a Glance
  • If you are busy, click on your name at the top right of the screen to change the "status" you.The new situation will set examplebusy, will be activated and will appear in all your accounts.

Installing additional software

  • Not enough software preloaded Ubuntu; No problem!The Linux for years now brought to market an innovative software copying all the big companies (Apple Appstore, Google Andorid Linux marketplace, Nokia Ovi etc) for their products.
  • If you need another application other, use the Software Center Ubuntu and choose from hundreds of free applications to install.
  • There are applications for various activities, from creating music, video, and space exploration.See the category "Recommended Applications" for some of the most popular! Install whatever you want just by clicking "Install."If an application is already installed and do not want in your system, you can uninstall it just by pressing the "uninstall".
  • All applications in the Software Center Ubuntu is stored in a repository site, fully informed, safe and with the latest versions.When a new version of your favorite application will be notified to upgrade automatically.

Keep your digital life

  • With the new service Ubuntu One, your documents, pictures, videos, music, bookmarks, address book, your contacts, your notes will be Opy you too.Change the computer's work in your laptop and then on netbook or smartphone / PDA and you find that you fully synchronized automatically!
  • Want a safe space for your important files? All Ubuntu users have 2 GB of personal storage space on the internet (and more if necessary).
  • Share files easily using this with friends you have in your contacts.Collaboration has never been better.
  • Sign up starting the application or service UbuntuOne going to

Surf the Web with Firefox

  • Ubuntu comes in a wide recognized web browser Firefox.
  • Protects your privacy and your personal information in order to surf without worry.
  • Add to Firefox your own personal mark with additives.You can choose from thousands of themes and additives, which adjust Firefox to your use of the Internet.

Take control of your digital life.

  • The Evolution is a complete suite of e-mail, calendar, simioseon, contacts and project management that comes with Ubuntu.Just enter the information into your mail account to be downloaded to your new messages automatically
  • The Evolution is an advanced spam filter.You can also use the search and create your own filters to make your posts easier to manage.
  • Add network calendars and check out the upcoming releases of new video games or movies.To view your agenda with scheduled reminders you simply click on the clock on the right.

Affordable, naturally

  • Basic guide friendliness of Ubuntu, which stems from the philosophy mentioned above (Linux for humans) is the friendliness toward people with disabilities.
  • In Ubuntu you will find tools in the category "Supporting Technologies" in the menu system.From there you canenable utilities such as "Orca", to the spoken text on the screen or the "Dwell" to automatically pressed the mouse buttons when the cursor is stabilized.
  • Remember that you can customize the look of Ubuntu to the appropriate theme for the occasion and change the font used by the applications.

Share and enjoy your photos

  • With the photo management application that will get built on Ubuntu, you can easily share, edit and organize your digital photos.
  • Use tags to describe your pictures to find them easily.
  • Using the export option, you can burn photos to CD, send them directly via email to your friends or post them online.
  • Connect your digital camera and see just how easy to enter and organize your photos.

Fun with music and movies

  • Ubuntu is ready to play videos and music from the Internet, CD and DVD
  • With the music player, you can organize your music, listen to Internet radio and buy songs.Also manages portable programs and automatically downloads new episodes.
  • Discover famous, DRM-free songs for sale at Music Store UbuntuOne, an online digital music store.Markets are stored in your account online and synchronized with all computers have the Ubuntu 10.04
  • Connect your MP3 player to synchronize your music collection or insert a CD to copy the songs to your computer

Office tools at your fingertips

  • Ubuntu comes with OpenOffice, an integrated office suite that is easy to learn application to work with your documents.
  • With OpenOffice (OOorg) to create documents, presentations, charts, statistics and databases.
  • Used to store your files in the format OpenDocument.But you can open, oper and save files from other office suites like Microsoft Office and WordPerfect.

Get help for Ubuntu

  • If you need help, try the "Help and Support" from the menu system.
  • Coupled with the extensive written using the Ubuntu community provides eager technical support person or online. Visit the Greek Ubuntu community and discuss directly any questions you will be amazed with the support they offer.
  • There is also commercial support available from Canonical, its partners and approved companies.Learn more at
  • Share your experiences about Ubuntu in


The Ubuntu 10.04 is here to stay.The issue is characterized by Canonical as LTS (Long Time Support), which publishes every two years and will support software updates for five years.After the 5 years already Canonical has adopted other 2 LTS versions.Once it is available to download from here:

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