May 28, 2009

Ubuntu and Moblin - Fascinating!

Ubuntu and Moblin - Fascinating!

I just read this morning an article about a one-time Ubuntu Moblin remix for Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala release in October. That would be, as Mr. Spock would say, "Fascinating!".

The Moblin project initiated by Intel and now supported by the Linux Foundation just recently released the Moblin 2.0 beta. I tried it out myself, and the experience was way to cool for a computer/netbook. It felt like I am in a parallel universe (out of this world). However, Ubuntu was not the base OS for Moblin 2.0. How I wished before that it was the case.

And now I have the answer. The Ubuntu Moblin remix will allow users to experiment on the use of the Moblin interface with Ubuntu. And the Moblin project to be made available as a package for release in Karmic.

If the Moblin interface is made as a regular interface option for netbook in the future releases of Ubuntu, then I would be a happy netbook user. A netbook is different from a laptop, and having the power of Ubuntu using a cool interface like Moblin would be a nice refreshing experience. May it live long and prosper! XD

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