September 1, 2009

Ubuntu default instalation needs a few possible improvements..

I simply love my Ubuntu 9.04. I'm now free of virus worries. Have the complete control over my system, using the terminal. Few drawbacks, that i feel in the Ubuntu OS default installation are-

>The default bit-torrent client is quite old, feature-less, i instead like the KTorrent client, which is KDE software.

>Its high time that the Ubuntu think on changing its default human theme, its true that it reflects its ideology of "humanity to others", but its sort of outdated. And i'm now using the theme "Carbon-Gold".

>Ubuntu should come with developer packages.

> Ubuntu in its live mode has a partition editor(GUI), but after natively installing it, it is devoid of any GUI based partition tool

>Better support for Intel based Graphics card has to be there, it seems that Karmic has made quite a few improvements in this.

>As the openSUSE installer allows, user should be allowed to decide the packages he/she wishes to instal. Rather than going for a pre-defined set of softwares.

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