June 5, 2010

Ubuntu One: A Great Cloud Service

Ubuntu is one distro is always innovating, and now has a new toy named Ubuntu One. Ubuntu One is a tool to create your own "Cloud" on the internet, with 2 GB of free space and 50 GB for 10 USD at month.

In Ubuntu One you can upload files, photos, backup your contacts, backup your celphone numbers and many other things. I found very useful the idea of sync your mobile with your own cloud service and backup or restore your contacts (I did it with my Iphone but Ubuntu One support a lot of many other phones)

If you are interested in this new option of Cloud Computing go to Ubuntu One and get your own Cloud. If you are using an Iphone you can download the app to sync your phone with Ubuntu One (just search on the Itunes: Ubuntu One). After you create your account on Ubuntu One (How many times I say Ubuntu One???) go to the "how to sync my celphone section" and follow the instructions. I hope you enjoy his great service has I do.

Source: Voices in my Head

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