May 24, 2009$ cat /etc/cat_lovers_group/members.conf

Cats are pretty discerning about their choice of operating systems. Most cats prefer Linux. It may have something to do with their obsession with Tux, though. We're not sure.
Today's silly blogpost is about cats and GNU/Linux users. Not only are cats pretty smart, but so are the folks using the GNU/Linux operating system. Many cats who use Linux also own a few members.
Here it is... the blatant plug for the Community Groups --> Cat Lovers Group
We know you Linux folks have cats in your household. The cats have ratted you out, so to speak, on an email poll that we sent out last week. Why aren't you at the Cat Lovers Group? 
Stop on by... post your kitty pics. Have some FUN!
Until next time... (when I promise something a bit more useful)
V. T. Eric Layton
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