October 7, 2010

using applications for organizing

Hello again.

I know it's been a while since I've posted.  Now that summer is over and I'm spending more time indoors, I have been using the various applications available through Ubuntu 10.04 to help me organize my home. 

Other than the recipe manager, I am also using a password manager. I won't mention any specific one, they all work in the same way... choose which ever is compatible with your desktop. This is especially useful since we can keep the endless passwords in one place on our desktop instead of on paper.  Of course, you need a master password to enter.... keep that written down somewhere ! Good for keeping pin numbers, too.... they are encrypted. Saves alot of time and frustration, when trying to find or remember a password.

Notepads like Kjots are good too, you can make notes of things you want to do, either offline or online...  delete as you finish each chore.

I've also found the CD disc burner useful for copying important documents.. needed as a back up, since sometimes these yellow with age and become unreadable.  Same for photos, instead of huge photo albums, with photos that get yellow with age.

Spreadsheets like those that Open Office or Gnumeric have, are good for keeping track of expenses, of course there are also various applications that can be used for more complicated bookkeeping,  with spaces for accounts, savings, etc.  I often multi-task, by using the calculator to figure the days receipts, then add it to the spreadsheet. Each application shows up on the desktop and this can be done simultaneously.  These can also be burned on a cd, then you don't need all that paper clutter.  Well, that's all for now... oh, on Sunday the new Ubuntu 10.04 comes... so I've been told through the Facebook group. For those who are looking for something new... but this one is LTS, so no need to change. I 'm just getting to learn it anyways.  Bye...

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