June 13, 2009

Welcome me to Linux.com

First post!

No wait... That's kinda lame.


Well this might be the time when I start blogging. I might even write something good some day, but noone's going to read it anyways. So it doesn't really matter. To be able to write someting readworthy on a blog, you pritty much got to have something to write about.  Such as a project you are working with or some other open source stuff.

I'm not quite sure about this. This is Linux.com... Will some random penguin smite me if I were to write that I'm actually running Windows right now because I'm playing World of Warcraft? I really wish it would work better in Wine, but that's not really the Wine-projects fault, more ATi's. Because they are lousy and suck at making drivers.

They are always, as far as my experience goes, always later than nVidia with drivers for new versions of X.org. I was thinking about downloading the latest version of Fedora, Fedora 11 Leonidas, so I paid a visit to the #fedora channel over at irc.freenode.org and as it turns out: There are no FGLRX drivers for Fedora 11.

So no new hat for me.

 I like this process of just writing random stuff that pops into my head. It clears ones mind. I don't even think I will check this document for spelling and grammar errors. It's the middle of the night here.

All righty then.

See you all (me) next time.

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