December 15, 2014

What would become of this world if we could not share knowledge

We are living in an age where free flow of information has become vital to human progress. Information is free because is it believed that the more we share, the more we learn, the more we do. That is the open source philosophy. Make software free, not as in cost, but as in freedom to change and recreate. 

I personally do not want to live in a world that keeps valuable information that supports innovation behind bars. We learn from others. Ideas come in many forms. The more ideas implemented within a product, the more usefull and complex it becomes. Importantly, it never stops evolving. 

I am an avocate of sharing information, but under a specific category. The only information that I care to share and collect is technological information that either helps improve or develop new technological products or technological services. It is information that we all need and cannot live without. Decide for yourself. Invision a world without open source.


Why open source runs the world


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