June 14, 2009

Who is the guy approving the blog posts?

So I got a question here. Who is it that approves my blog-posts before they are published?

I wrote my first blog post two days ago, but it seemed like it was not published. Noone could see it except of me in the editor. So who is the monkey pushing the publish button? Because it's not me.

I am writing a letter to the editor of my local newspaper. It is about the tons of money that is spent on licensing for my schools computers. I calculated that a total of 800.000SEK, about 80.000€, was spent on licenses for different products running on my campus computers that just as well could be replaced with Free and Open Source applications.

The letter is currently 2000 characters long. It has to be shortened to under 1600characters. So there's some work to do there. But that's for another day. Currently it's 3.34am here in northern Sweden and the sun has risen above the horizon a while ago. So it's time for me to hit the bed.

Tomorrow, Monday the 16th of June, is Local Area Networking day. Me and my friends will get together to play Half-Life 2 mods, Warcraft III, Call of Duty 4 and probably some other games that someone brings.

So yesterday my last post was publicly available and during that time I got 20 hits. That is way more than expected. I guess being an early adopter of this blogging system has its benefits. But that also means that someone is actually reading what I'm writing, or at least accessing the page, so I have to start writing something that actually makes sense

My grandmother actually sparked an idea in my mind today, one that I got really excited about. I told her and my other grandmother during dinner over at one of their houses about the ton of money our school is spending on licensing in these days of economical crises. Continuing on I tell them about all this great free software that works just as well or even better than the one they are paying for. And so one of my grandmothers starts talking about how they in one or two municipalities here in Sweden has started to use Linux instead of Windows as their workbase and saved a ton of money on it.

Now not that I didn't know already that it was possible and had been done. But the fact that my own grandmother actually told me about something that had with Linux to do and how it was working great for a whole municipality made me realize that Linux has become mainstream. That actually making it into a fight on a political plane actually could work, because it has been done before.

As a student there is no possibility for me to come with something totally strange and say that it works great for everyone if it hadn't been done before. But with this kind of backup. Well things are looking better.

So I will work on my letter to the editor. Get it done and sometime during the summer make a letter to the principal of my school, well principal of the engineering part at least, with the problems that the current system inhabits and what one may do to solve them.

Well that's all for this time.

Have a great day all 20 of you!

Rovanion Luckey

Oh PS. Swedish is much easier when it comes to relations, because we got two different words for grandmother on my fathers side and grandmother on my mothers side. Farmor and Mormor. Mor is mother, Far is father. DS

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