March 29, 2015

Why choose Linux as your corporate OS

Companies today depend on their computer networks to do business. This said, people usually think of IT companies in particular, but the truth is that any modern day company has digitized their business to an extent. As a business owner you must choose what is best for you and your business and also what pays off the most! When setting up your computer network, choosing the right OS is something you must have in mind, for this can either be a waste or a huge money saver. Even though there are many OS out there, the most dominant on the market are Windows, Mac OS and of course Linux. In the recent years, I’ve been using each one of these three, but I found Linux to be an all out best. Let me share with you why:


1. It’s free!


Unlike Windows and Mac OS, Linux is a free OS. All you need to do is download it and burn on it a CD or a USB stick and then install it on your machines. It is not limited to any number of machines and your licence cannot run out. It is by far the cheapest (because it’s free!). One more thing about Linux being free is that it is also free of patents. This means that it is your’s to do with it as you like. You can customize it to fit each and every need of your business. There is a company out there that used this Linux feature and used it to grow to one of the biggest businesses of today. It’s called Google.


2. It’s safe(er)


No operating system is 100% safe, unfortunately. But what makes Linux safer than Windows or Mac OS? Linux has regular kernel updates and it’s code maintainers put out an almost daily list of security patches. What truly makes it safer is that it is open source. I know this sounds strange but have this in mind: Linux has a worldwide community of programmers providing you with endless security fixes, while other closed source OS have to rely on their inside teams to do the job. With Linux you get any patch and fix you need, when you need it, while with other OS, you have to rely on the company to give you a timely security fix.


3. It’s easy to use


I know that everyone will rain down on me because of this one. This is the one main thing that made companies opt out from Linux. Or should I say was. The reason for this is that Linux just wasn’t enough like other Unix systems. Because most people use Unix based systems at home, they had a hard time getting accustomed to Linux. In short terms, it just wasn’t GUI based to the point where users could intuitively interact with it.


But all this has changed. Linux filesystem layout looks exactly like any other commercial Unix version. It even uses the same set of Unix commands. The only thing people can have a problem with si using the keyboard more instead of the mouse. But once you realise the power the Terminal gives to you over your OS, you’re not gonna want to switch back. And for all you out there who are so desperate to have that GUI, Linux provides you with a number of options like Zorin OS and Kubuntu.


4. It’s great for project management


Good project management is the backbone of any good company, and every successful company relies on project management software to thrive. Linux has developed it’s own version of Microsoft Project, called Project Libre. It is capable of opening and managing any Microsoft Project files.

Today though, most companies use web based project management applications. Trello is an excellent free option, although it gives limited options. Basecamp is a paid option but offers many benefits that Trello does not possess. If you want to go a step further I would opt out for something like TallyFox’s Cluster that provides integration on multiple levels and platforms. These are all great, but what does it have to do with Linux? Look above for safety. All your business information will be safe and sound.


5. Commercial Support


This was one of the main issues Linux had in the previous years. The lack of commercial support was something that was keeping people, especially companies away from it. But again, the keyword is was. Nowdays, things have changed. Cannonical, Red Hat and Novell are all equiped with a 24/7 commercial support! You can finally rest easily and know that all your problems will be sorted out.

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