September 16, 2015

Will freelancers beat software development companies soon?

Businesses care about results. This is natural. When they order services like app development or web design they expect to get a solution that will work to solve particular problems with things like sales and promotion, online ordering, customer support, etc., and thus either generate income or reduce expenses.
Because businesses care about results and budgets, they often ask the question: âWhy should we pay a development company when we can hire a freelancer instead?â

Why? Even when bearing risks is a part of everyday business, nobody wants to be responsible for othersâ faults. Companies can guarantee a lot more stable development cycle and more benefits than freelancers.

It often happens in our customer care managerâs practice that people come to us with a past negative experience with development. They had been disappointed with either the product quality, with the design, or with the implementation of features. However, this is not always the fault of freelancers. Freelancers have advantages when businesses want a simple solution for a little money (e.g. when you start your online presence and want a basic business card website). For all other cases they are not an option.

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