September 4, 2009

Windows 7 from a Linux User's Perspective

As we are getting close to Windows 7 release, I'd like to hear about Linux community's opinions on the subject. I have written an extensive article titled "Windows 7 from a Linux User's Perspective" on Bright Hub and still following the subject on my side. I believe they have done a good job although the operating system is defective by design. Microsoft delivered their promises to some extent but the security features are questionable. Blue Screen of Deaths (BSOD) are inevitable, but the system looks more stable.

The portable computer market also seems to take advantage of the new release, especially netbooks running Atom N280 processors are reportedly handling Windows 7 well. Here is my article that discusses Windows 7 and Linux on the desktop, laptop and netbook markets.

 Although we heartily want to see Linux use everywhere, it is still evident that the Microsoft domination will not change. And frankly, as is the same with the every year end people will ask if 2010 will be Linux's year on the desktops, this will not be the case and unlikely to be in the near future.

But frankly, I have hopes: Bill Gates supported innovation, at least he was a geek. But Steve Ballmer is a businessman. It is a question how does the established business rules play in the constantly innovating industry. I have doubts...



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