August 4, 2009

Zentu Digital Launches The Mobile Elite

It has been a long three and a half years.

Zentu Digital is just about ready for prime time. Every ounce of sweat, tears, and blood (albeit less blood due to fewer paper cuts from a "Digital LLC") poured into the site and it has gone pretty far for just one little person. Building the framework for a scalable, revenue-generating company was quite a challenge.

Which market to go after? How to balance that subtle nuance between interesting and useful content vs. the hype that so often comes with the "explosive" popularity of some Internet brands from companies that have huge marketing/advertising budgets? Surely people will always appreciate anything that can make life a little bit easier: reduced time searching for something specific that has already been organized into categories, more relevant and useful results within those categories, a finer line between work and play to ease a bit of the long work day.

 Which market to go after? Why not one that can employ and empower the little guys? People will probably also always appreciate the opportunity to be directly involved with their own work in a competitive marketplace. Almost every industry which is "middleman heavy" (and usually employed by physically heavier-than-average middlemen) has taken some anger out against the Internet for eliminating the need for a smooth-talking middleman or middlewoman: travel agents, used car salesmen, Realtors, and pretty much every other kind of salesperson, for that matter. But there is one industry that is distinctly not competitive: the telecommunications industry, specifically the mobile phone and device software and hardware industry. Is it any coincidence that this is still one of the few industries where the middlemen salespeople still make a killing?

 And so it is after the long three and a half years building the Open-Source Directory that it has finally been decided to carve out a little space to basically prove all of the points made regarding Why Open Source is Greater than Proprietary. That space is none other than The Mobile Elite, where we'll be accepting software listings from both open-source companies or developers and their proprietary software counterparts: it's called an open marketplace. And it's going to change the way business is done -- it's time to start kissing useless papercut-inducing contracts goodbye. Comments and feedback or suggestions regarding this feature are, of course, welcome either here.


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