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This is the official blog of The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit advancing professional open source management for mass collaboration. We write about industry trends, best practices in open source, and Linux Foundation initiatives. Our goal is to make users of open source successful in their organization and their career through education, collaboration and networking.


2019 events
If you’re interested in submitting a speaking proposal, act soon because calls for papers for some of the earliest 2019 events are about to close.

Check Out the 2019 Linux Foundation Events and Expand Your Open Source Experience

The Linux Foundation just recently announced its 2019 events schedule, featuring all your favorite events as well as some brand-new ones to cover the...
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Kubecon crowd
The sold-out crowd at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon in December 2018 reflects the amazing growth of open source technologies.

2019 and the Strength of Open Source

Now that the various challenges and successes of 2018 are behind us, let’s look back at some of the year’s highlights and see what’s in store for...
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LF training
Sign up now to save big on training and certification from The Linux Foundation.

Get Cyber Monday Savings on Linux Foundation Training and Certification

It’s time for our biggest sale of the year. The Linux Foundation’s annual Cyber Monday event means you can get trained and get certified at a huge...
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OS Strategy
Learn how to align your organization's goals for open source software with your business objectives using proven practices from the TODO Group.

A Free Guide for Setting Your Open Source Strategy

The majority of companies using open source understand its business value, but they may lack the tools to strategically implement an open source...
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open source
We recently provided an array of articles, videos, and other resources to meet you where you are on your open source journey.

Advance Your Open Source Skills with These Essential Articles, Videos, and More

Recent industry events have underscored the strength of open source in today’s computing landscape. With billions of dollars being spent, the power...
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Linux security
Videos for Linux Security Summit in Vancouver are now available; watch complete presentations and see what’s coming up at the next event in Edinburgh.

Get Essential Security Information from Linux Security Summit Videos

In case you missed it, videos for Linux Security Summit NA are now available. On, we covered a couple of these in depth, including:...
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Learn how the llnode plugin lets you inspect Node.js processes and core dumps in this preview of Node+JS Interactive.

Troubleshooting Node.js Issues with llnode

The llnode plugin lets you inspect Node.js processes and core dumps; it adds the ability to inspect JavaScript stack frames, objects, source code and...
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Learn about building a secure ecosystem for Node.js, including how to teach basic security practices, in this preview of Node+JS Interactive.

Building a Secure Ecosystem for Node.js

At Node+JS Interactive, attendees collaborate face to face, network, and learn how to improve their skills with JS in serverless, IoT, and more....
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Learn how writing can help build new skills and improve your career in unexpected ways.

How Writing Can Expand Your Skills and Grow Your Career

At the recent Open Source Summit in Vancouver, I participated in a panel discussion called How Writing can Change Your Career for the Better (Even if...
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OS Jobs
Technologies like containers and edge computing are hot and the demand for developers and sysadmins who can integrate, collaborate, and innovate in this space is exploding.

Open Source Networking Jobs: A Hotbed of Innovation and Opportunities

As global economies move ever closer to a digital future, companies and organizations in every industry vertical are grappling with how to further...
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