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In this interview, Pinterest's Jon Parise explains how adopting open source has helped the company's engineers design software that is more modular, reusable, and well-documented.

The Companies That Support Linux and Open Source: Pinterest

Pinterest -- “the world’s catalog of ideas” -- is built on open source, according to Jon Parise, technical architecture lead and open source program...
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Cloud Foundry certification
Cloud Foundry has partnered with the Linux Foundation to deliver its new certification program through an eLearning infrastructure.

This Week in Open Source News: Cloud Foundry Launches Certification Program, Google Creates Home For Open Source & More

This week in open source and Linux news, Cloud Foundry releases its new certification program for developers, Google creates a new home-base for its...
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Jim Zemlin
Jim Zemlin describes the growing support for open source technology at Open Source Leadership Summit.

Global Enterprises Join The Linux Foundation to Accelerate Open Source Development Across Diverse Industries

Open source is now mainstream. More and more developers, organizations, and enterprises are are understanding the benefits of an open source strategy...
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reducing carbon emissions
IBM, Hyperledger, and Energy-Blockchain Labs are using blockchain to help reduce carbon emissions in China.

This Week in Open Source News: Blockchain Helps China Go Green, Old Linux Vulnerability Exposed, and More

This week in Linux and open source news, The Linux Foundation's Hyperledger Project to help China get greener, an old Linux vulnerability surfaces,...
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Open Networking Summit
Arpit Joshipura, General Manager of Networking & Orchestration at The Linux Foundation, will host the first #AskLF session in advance of Open Networking Summit.

The Linux Foundation's Arpit Joshipura to Host Open Networking Q&A on Twitter

On Friday, March 31, The Linux Foundation will kick off a new initiative. No, it’s not a new project, event, or training course, although there are...
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Cloud Foundry webinar
Pivotal’s Bridget Kromhout and Michael Coté discuss how cloud-native is the wave of the future in this free webinar.

Free Webinar: Better Software Through Cloud Platforms Like Cloud Foundry

If you operate within the open source galaxy or the tech industry in general, you’ve likely run across the phrase “cloud-native” with increasing...
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Linus Torvalds, Greg KH
"The Linux team has patched a 'dangerous' vulnerability in the Linux kernel that allowed attackers to elevate their access rights and crash affected systems," reports Catalin Cimpanu for BleepingComputers.

The Week in Open Source News: Web Titans Influence Data Center Networking, How Blockchain Kickstarts Business & More

This week in open source news, SDxCentral calls The Linux Foundation crucial to the networking evolution, the cloud should be central in kickstarting...
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Open source compliance
Incremental compliance is the idea that you need to ensure compliance of whatever source code changes took place between the initial compliant baseline and the current version.

How to Maintain Open Source Compliance After Code Changes

The previous article in this series covered how to establish a baseline for open source software compliance by finding exactly which open source...
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Open source development revolution
In the past, software products were largely developed in-house. Now we are repeatedly downloading code from the Internet to evaluate, prototype, and integrate. We only code the parts that are truly unique to our application.

6 Operational Challenges to Using Open Source Software

In today's rapidly evolving markets, companies that consistently innovate, most quickly and at the least cost, will win. And, as you’ve seen in our...
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CloudNativeCon + KubeCon Europe 2017 will be held March 29-30 in Berlin. Register now, before it sells out!

Solving Monitoring in the Cloud With Prometheus

Hundreds of companies are now using the open source Prometheus monitoring solution in production, across industries ranging from telecommunications...
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