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October 1, 2016 | How to Effectively and Efficiently Edit Configuration Files in Linux
You forgot one: git Using version control on your confguation files means you can easily roolback...
October 1, 2016 | Why Good Linux Sysadmins Use Markdown
Very interesting one. Fast and realiable to write down simple documentation. Thank you !
September 30, 2016 | Exercise 3.2 - Add compute host
Hello, The Horizon BUI is running on the devstack-cc. You have run the above commands on the...
September 30, 2016 | Vendors and Customers Gettin' Open Sourcey With It
Than you for a great post! You have a great point and you manage to capture interesting aspects of...
September 30, 2016 | What's the difference between creating new root fs and simply saving an executable to linux?
Thank you very much! Very useful information to us newbies! Thank you :)
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