eBook: Common Open Source Practices in Developing Cloud Native Applications


The TARS Foundation has recently released a new eBook, Common Open Source Practices in Developing Cloud-Native Applications. The following is an overview of the book, click here to download.

With the advent of digital transformation, enterprises are facing more difficult business realities.  As cloud computing has continued to grow, Cloud-Native applications have become a critical driving force for business innovation. Migrating to the cloud-native model can help businesses boost their productivity and increase competitiveness in the market. 

Cloud-Native technologies take advantage of different environments such as public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud to build and run scalable applications that are easy to manage and monitor. Through Cloud-Native technologies, enterprises can enable faster software delivery cycles and drastically improve applications’ agility, elasticity, and availability. 

In this eBook, you will find information about popular open source technologies used in different areas of Cloud-Native applications, such as containers, container orchestration, and microservices. We will highlight the most notable and relevant open source projects, including Docker, Kubernetes, Istio, the Kubernetes native solution for TARS services, to help you gain a quick understanding of Cloud-Native tools available these days. 

About The TARS Foundation

The TARS Foundation is a nonprofit, open source microservice foundation under the Linux Foundation umbrella to support the rapid growth of contributions and membership for a community focused on building an open microservices platform. It focuses on open source technology that helps businesses embrace microservices architecture as they innovate into new areas and scale their applications. It continues to work on addressing the problems that may occur in using microservices and wishes to accommodate a variety of bottom-up content to build a better microservice ecosystem