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May 14, 2009

Why Linux ! !


after a few months of exploring and learning Linux, i always asking my self Why Linux? i started using Linux when i was on my last years in college i am a part-time Computer technician which is usually repairing Desktop computers running Windows xp, Some will call me through my cellphone and asking for a schedule for Computer analysis, when i am finish analysing their computer problems i will end-up formatting their pc's because of BulK viruses in penetrating their box, it is a good part-time job because customer is always their " Windows Pc always want repair's. that is the time i realize why windows partners with virus, i search the internet and land to linux ubuntu i try to use it and test if its true that linux does not infected with viruses. since the first time i use linux ubuntu until now i never experience a virus thats why when someone is calling me for a Computer repair i always suggesting to my client to leave Windows and embrace Linux. few clients are switch but some remain in windows and always calling me ^_^. And now what i am a Unix System Administrator that only starts for virus fixing using different OS LINUX.

So what is your story ? Why LINUX?:)

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