June 1, 2010


Hi, all! I had a question. I just recently installed the Ubuntu 10.04 distribution alongside Windows Vista on my laptop. It generally works fine, except for a couple of things I've noticed:

1. Sometimes, when I boot my computer and choose Ubuntu, sometimes the computer won't start Ubuntu. It just sits there with the default desktop background and won't load. It's not every time, just sometimes.

2. I also tend to see a screen distortion for a second when I load Ubuntu, and then it loads up and everything's fine.

3. Finally, on the top toolbar on my Ubuntu desktop, the buttons on the right-- the ones for battery, sound, e-mail, user, and shut down-- mess up. Sometimes half of one of the symbols disappears. It's basically some sort of graphics glitch, I guess.

Are these things just bugs? Can they be fixed with a patch or something?


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