April 14, 2011

How to install Linux

I have Mint v.10 that I want to install. I have read gizmo's instructions about backing up data, making a clone of my hard drive, doing the basic cleanup and optimizing of the hard drive. However, I have an HP Laptop with 1GB ram, 87GB physical memory with a c: drive and a d: drive for hp backup. I really would like to use only Linux as an operating system, but am leary about formatting my laptop and getting rid of the original drive structure. Sorry if this sounds confusing, but then I am confused;). Any help would be appreciated.

Forgot to tell you I have windows vista on this machine Drive c: has 140 gb, with 77.8 used. D: 8 gb with 6.49 used, intel core2 duo cpu, T5250 @150 Mhz, 2 cores 2 logical processors. Question: can I partition using this computer?

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