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October 3, 2009

Linux on laptops???

Ok, so I've decided to buy a laptop with Linux pre-installed and have been searching the net for a few weeks now. I'm in Ireland - this generally means that if you want anything out of the ordinary you'd search UK vendors. Buying from the US usually means a heavy 'duty' tax bill arriving in the post soon after you take delivery so going outside Europe isn't really an option.
Anyway, I'm having real difficulty getting what I want. I've a budget of around €600 and I don't want something with a crappy little 10" screen. It seems that any linux based system with a 15.6" screen is €100's more than the exact same spec with windows.
I've read this might be down to 'extra support costs' and a 'smaller market demand' making Linux less attractive discouraging vendors from making them available but I know they do make them. It just seems impossible to find out about them. I'm super frustrated right now :angry:
I'm not asking for someone to recommend a particular model or vendor. Am I just looking in the wrong places? Where can I find reliable and UP TO DATE information laptops (not netbooks) with linux preinstalled? This is a 'getting started with Linux' forum - I can't even get that far if I don't have the right tools right?
Please help!


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