August 15, 2009

Linux on Mac

Ok not sure s to how i would do this. Well i want to use linux on a mac wether dual boot or as the only OS.

So heres the computer specs. (mind you its old 1998)

300mhz proccessor,
G3 powerpc
6mb video ram
160 mb RAM
40 gb HD
Running MAc Os X 10.1.5

What i want to put on here is Puppy linux if possible but some other form of linux will also do.

I am not sure as to what steps i would take to even start sop if someone has an sort of instructional that would be awesome.

Can it be done?

If more info is needed please don;t hesitate for the additiional information that may be required to help me in my quest to get it up and running thanks.

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