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August 28, 2010


I am a home recording enthusiest using W-XP :( .

It is very restricting and uses a ton of my much needed resources.

For some yrs now I have heard many PC users who are reluctant to make the jump to a MAC will use LINUX or other OPEN SOURCE OS. It has caught my attention now as I am about to build a PC for recording only.

With so much new tech out there and new equipment, will i be able to create the drivers needed to operate properly for various hardware and software?

Will i be spending more time on LINUX developement or is it pretty easy to grasp the concept. I do not want to be spending needless time on building the tools Ill need to operate my main functions. I realize that there will always be up-keep and development needs, at the same time a smooth running system is the end goal.

Does Linux support MULTI CORE proccessing? RAM capacities above 4GB would be nice to. What can I expect using LINUX when it comes to processing?

I know my way around a PC rather well. However Code is something of a mystyrey to me still.

Maybe someone out there has a recording setup and can help me out.

Thanks so much.


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