March 1, 2012

New Linux

Hello Everyone.

I am new to Linux, I did play with what was called Lindows many years ago and not really dug deep into it until in the last six months which I did use Ubuntu 11.10 and now using CentOs 6.2. I in April got my associate degree in networking and now working on my bachelors degree and I have found out a lot of schools just simply do not teach Linux just mainly Windows. I am looking for a job and coming across that want people to know a lot of Linux mainly Red Hat and be certified in it. Someone told me that CentOS 6.2 is like Red Hat. The question I have can I learn from using CentOS and still be able to pass the Red Hat certifications using this OS? How similar is CentOS and Red Hat? Or should I learn a different OS to. Let me know what you think.


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