September 25, 2009

Virtual desktops

Hello dear linuxians ! (that's what "we"'re called, right ?)

Anyway ... I'm a new linux user. My job requires me to start dealing with this OS :) I'm trying to see what I can do with a graphic environment (GNOME and KDE), and I have some questions about virtual desktops which remains really hard to understand.

Is there any kind of virtual desktop in command-line mode or is it a pure graphic thing ?
if the question above has a positive answer: How does that work? Do you have any guide or something? And is there any way to switch between graphic mode and command-line mode? I tried to ask google about that, and I didn't get any answer :( .

Thanks in advance for your replies :)

PS : Excuse my poor English, this is not my mother tongue: I'm French :blush:

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