December 29, 2010



I have a HP pavilion 7dv / windows vista .. i made a 10 GB partition for ubuntu 10.10 then went on and installed it with out having a livecd .. directly from the site onto my HP Laptob/10 GB partition .
after the instalation everything was perfect .. i was able to use both vista/ubuntu .

after few mints a scren poped up saying i have to update my ubuntu . so i clicked next
and then it asked me again something about Grub and i said next .. after the instaltion it asked me to restart ..

and when it turn back on thats the masseg i got .. and i could not do anything after that .. i can't even go to my hp recovery f11

error : no such device: 4435060f-c549-4d82-96c3-f22c4c44825f8

Pleas HELP !

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