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March 9, 2017




I was hoping someone could possibly assist me with the PRE INSTALL that I need to do

with UEFI and DUAL BOOTING CentOS 7 alongside Windows 10

The issue I am having is booting from the ISO image I have created.

For some reason or another, I am not able to boot from the disc

and have done the following.

The disc works fine on another machine (NON UEFI).


Set Secure Boot to OTHER OS

DISABLED CSM (compatibility Support Module)

Restart and from the opening EUFI page, I swapped the DVD(CentOS 7)

drive to post before UEFI HDD(Windows 10).



Please help

Thanks in advance

Hello, I am closing this post. It turns out that the attempts to change any settings were not needed as CentOS 7 comes equipped with it's own PK Key required for Secure Boot and UEFI install so; All I needed to do was hit F8 when the system booted and then select the CD/DVD from the boot menu. I am using the Asus M32BF Series Motherboard. After contacting Asus support I was directed to disable the Secure Boot from UEFI settings Power OFF/ON and press ESC to get the Boot Menu. Obviously this was not the case. There was no need to disable any of the UEFI settings mentioned at all and clearly they did not direct me to the proper key to launch the Boot Menu.

Thanks again for the help that was proposed

sincerely staticaldave

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