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April 2, 2011




I've been using Linux as a GUI user for about 9 years. I know some of you are wondering, "why don't you learn the command line?" Well, I guess it's sort of like asking why someone doesn't learn the violin. Or, why not learn calculus? You know, it would be really good if you learned metalworking... People have proclivities. Over the years I've stumbled along coming to find things I'd like to do (now Ubuntu) and have gone searching for nifty applications that bring me a solution.

So today, I want to announce my lurking for solutions. Currently I have four problems I'm looking for solutions to. (I'll post in detail in the appropriate forums). Looking to get files from hard disk that shows the partition and size but the daemon is not doing it's thing. Configuring a ethernet connection to an access point with an Engenius gizmo. Getting Ubuntu 10.04 to be able to use NVIDIA drivers in a HP s7727c. And lastly, setting up a small network (three or four computers) that is able to handle NMEA 0183 sentences. Because we live on our boat.

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