February 14, 2010

setting a server


Hi, I have a standard home use DSL router with wireless capabilities. I also have cousins and a brother that like to connect to my WIFI with their Ipod Touches. Do guys know of some way I can get request for Internet on my wireless ( and my LAN for that matter ) to go through a server before going to the router? I am taking networking classes in college but I still don't know how to set something like that up. Basically I want so use the server as DNS and some service that will act as parental blocking software. I want all the request their Ipod Touches make for the Internet to go through the sever before the router so I can control what they access online because they like bootlegging movies and porn and stuff and I don't want that type of activity on my network. I'm not letting them use my WIFI again in till I figure out how to do this. Of course I want the server to be Linux so keep that in mind when answering my post, I need to know how to physically set up the topology and Also what I have to do to configure the server. Even reference material will be useful. Thanks in advance.

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