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March 16, 2012

A Linux Career


Hey there!

I am very stuck right now and need some advice from the professionals.
My name is Arthur and I'm 26 living in the Netherlands.
I used to live in England and did my studies there.
The problem is that the UK aren't hugely obsessed with qualifications and value work experience highly.
Since I finished High School at 16 having received fantastic grades, I never even seen IT as a career, I enjoyed it too much and I always thought it was just a hobby.
I started work with computers and because of my experience with Linux had many jobs I loved with Linux.
I then moved to Holland again and tried the same thing.
The problem is that Holland base everything on qualifications. And I had no IT degrees or qualifications.
Every interview I got rejected due to it, whilst they said I obviously knew what I was talking about with IT and Linux.
They also don't really recognise LPI or RedHat qualifications. The only thing they recognise is HBO, this is a 4 year course costing an aweful lot of money and in those 4 years Linux gets covered for 1 month, teaching how you install it, use the terminal and apt-get or yum (hardly something I need to re-learn at this stage).

I guess my question here is, how can I convince people I am good at what I do, or any way I can get a job in Linux without needing to spend 4 years at university and thousands of euro's?

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you for taking your time to read this.


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