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November 3, 2013

Linux or Windows?


Hello there Linux community! I write this post to know what would be better for me, linux or windows? I heard that Linux has some limitations and I will tell you at what I am using my laptop mostly so you can tell exactly if I can switch to Linux or keep the Windows.

Listening to music, movies here and there, some Microsoft Office projects for school and alot of gaming, more exactly hardcore Fallout and pro DotA 2 gaming. Other games I play : Company of Heroes, Company of Heroes 2, Dishonored, Mafia 2, Cities XL,Don't Starve, Magicka ( my favorite! ), Hearts of Iron, Red Orchestra 2 and in the near future, who knows?
I heard that not all games work on Linux so yea, I don't know if my games will suffer because of Linux.
I am using mostly Steam to launch my games so since I see that Steam is interested in Linux, hey, why not?

Drivers! I heard that not all drivers are working on Linux so ye, I am telling you what kind of laptop I am using so I can receive good informations from all of you.
This is my laptop Your text to link here...

I am waiting for your honest opinion and answer to my question : In my case, shall I use Linux or Windoes 7?

If you want to know more info, ask me.

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