November 24, 2012

Why Do You Use Linux?


I'm curious about the feelings of the community on this one. I've been to a few Linux sites, and their reasons range from I Hate Microsoft (or to a far lower extension, Apple), to I Love Unix. I personally use Linux for two reasons:

1) MOST IMPORTANTLY: I use Linux to aid and support Open Source software. (However, I am in no way a Free Software advocate. I think that the FSS movement is fundamentally flawed. But, that's my own opinion; it doesn't make it fact.) Along the same lines, I also like the ability to customize my OS to my liking, and not be locked out of it. No other OS gives me that ability. (Save BSD and some really "out there" OS's)

2) I think that Linux is the best mix between rock solid stability (though BSD does it better) and a thriving market of cutting edge apps. (Though Microsoft and Apple do it WAY better). Going hand in hand with point 2, I also think that Linux just makes more sense in the way it is structured than any other OS. But, again, that's just me.

Now, I'm not a stereotypical Linux user. I don't hate Microsoft or Apple (though I like Apple far less than Microsoft, which was already pretty low in my opinion, due to the ugly court battles Apple decided to pick on; and a few other reasons.) And I don't think that Linux is the only OS we will ever need, it just works for me and what I would like to support. So, how about you, why do you use Linux?
There's one thing that I need to mention: This is NOT a flame war battleground. The sentence "my OS is best because..." would completely miss the whole point of the topic. This is purely a litmus test for the condition of the Linux community.

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