September 19, 2010

Linux install


I tried several months ago to install Ubuntu on my HP Compaq when my Windows OS suffered a virus meltdown. I went so far as to buy a refurberished HD from a reputable dealer. I tried to install Windows XP Pro first, but the install stalled at the agreement to the licencing terms. Fed up with Windows I decided to try Linux Ubuntu. I had the same problem, it stalled. I gave up the whole affair. Today I decided to try again. The Ubuntu distribution stalls at step #5. It says it is checking the partions (there is only one) and scanning the discs. Its been hours. A 250 GB hard drive shouldn"t take that long I don"t think. This a clean install. I can"t figurre out what the problem might be. The distribution is a live CD. I bought the Linux Ubuntu Bible and it came with the CD. Any help would be appreciated

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