December 27, 2010

10 Most Popular Stories in 2010


As we prep for 2011, we wanted to take a look at the stories that were the most popular with readers in 2010 — and we thought that readers might want to know as well. So we've pulled together a top 10 list of the most popular stories from the year for you to enjoy over the holidays.

To get the top 10, we looked at the site statistics for 2010 and pulled the most popular original pieces published in 2010. The "winners," were not too surprising, but do help us determine what kind of tutorials and features we want to line up for 2011. Without further ado, we present the 10 most popular pieces published on in 2010.

10: Taking Command of the Terminal with GNU Screen

Few utilities are as handy as GNU Screen, and Joe Brockmeier's tutorial on taking command of the terminal with GNU Screen proved that GNU Screen is as popular as it is useful.

9: Five Things to Know About Linux Security

Linux has a good track record when it comes to security, but it's not enough to simply take that for granted. If you're new to using, administering or developing for Linux, you need to know a few things about security — and we had five tips on Linux security that became very popular through 2010.

8: Installing Nagios: An Enterprise-Worthy Network Monitor

Network monitoring is very popular on Linux, and Nagios is one of the most popular tools to use. Jack Wallen's piece on installing Nagios came in at number eight on the countdown.

7: Linux Mint 9: Solid, Simple, Shiny

Ubuntu may be the top of the pops at DistroWatch and the most widely used Linux desktop OS, but the Linux Mint 9 overview we posted in May has been seventh in overall traffic for through 2010.

6: Beginner's Guide to Nmap

One of the must-have utilities for Linux users is Nmap. That might explain why Joe Brockmeier's Beginner's Guide to Nmap was the sixth most popular piece in 2010. Look for more in-depth tutorials on Nmap in 2011, as well as guides to other useful free and open source utilities.

5: GNOME3: The Future of the Desktop

Sadly, GNOME 3.0 slipped to Spring 2011 shortly after this piece was posted, but Jack Wallen's tour of the GNOME 3.0 desktop was still one of the most popular stories on through 2010. Rest assured, we'll be sure to give GNOME 3.0 plenty of coverage in 2011.

4: A Review: Ben NanoNote Gets Small with Embedded Linux

Nathan Willis proves that size does matter, with his review of the Ben NanoNote, a palm-sized notebook from Qi Hardware that runs (what else?) Linux.

3: The Five Best Linux Video Players

One of the things many new Linux users are looking for is a great media player for Linux that handles videos. The top five Linux video players overview we ran in February was the third-most popular piece of 2010. No Mplayer didn't make the list, but we did check in on Mplayer later in the year.

2: Five Best Linux Netbook OSes — for Now

Netbook sales didn't fare as well in 2010, but we know lots of Linux users still love their netbook. But which distro should you use? We recommended five netbook Linux distros that cover all the bases. Keep an eye out for an update in early 2011, we expect 2011 to be a very interesting year for netbook Linux.

1: The Top 7 Best Linux Distributions for You

Some readers may not have agreed with the choices, but Brian Proffitt's look at the top seven distros he'd recommend was the most popular story in 2010. If you haven't read it yet, take a look and see if you agree with the choices for best desktop distro, enterprise distribution, live CD, and more.

2011 and Beyond

And there you have the most popular of 2010, but what about 2011? We'd like to know what kind of stories you want to see in the coming year, and beyond. Tell us in the comments what you'd like to be reading about in 2011. (And we promise, no "year of the Linux desktop" stories!)

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