December 2, 2009

Custom Toolbar Buttons for Thunderbird

If you watched the video and wondered what the JavaScript code was for my "Move Junk" button in Thunderbird, then read on. If you haven't watched the video, this article describes how to add custom toolbar buttons to Thunderbird using the Custom Buttons addon.

The Custom Buttons addon for Thunderbird allows you to add buttons to Thunderbird's toolbar. The addon is simple to use: once it's installed, right click on the toolbar and select "Add new button...", give the button a name, pick an image to use, and then supply some JavaScript code for the button. Well, ok so that last step isn't so easy. Since you need to know how to write JavaScript and you need to know the Thunderbird API. Here's a couple of buttons that I use


Article Source Linux Journal
December 2, 2009, 10:03 am
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