July 16, 2009

Enable Input Method in Clutter Application

Article Source Moblin Documentation
July 16, 2009, 7:00 pm


When we mention clutter application in this document, we refer to both of the applications who use clutter library directly or use some high level toolkit base on clutter (for example: NBTK)


To enable input method support in clutter application, you need to have the “text” widget be able to work with the ClutterIMContext framework.

For Application Using Clutter Library Directly

Currently, the ClutterText actor in clutter library don’t support ClutterIMContext framework directly. If your application is using ClutterText actor for text input, you need to replace it with ClutterIMText actor to gain IM support. We have this actor inherit from the ClutterText actor in the ClutterIMContext library. You can read the API doc for ClutterIMContext library for more information...

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