October 6, 2009

Got Training? Go Virtual.

Article Source Linux Magazine
October 5, 2009, 8:45 pm

It’s no surprise that thousands of companies worldwide save money by moving their physical systems to virtual ones but it may surprise you to know about virtualization’s role in training. The most notable fact about training is that’s it’s expensive. Training is expensive in terms of temporal, physical, fiscal resources and there’s the inconvenience factor of having your technical crew out of the office for multiple days. Virtualization requires less of all three resources, therefore making it the ultimate delivery vehicle for training.

Training’s return on investment (ROI) is often difficult to measure. The investment is too high for some companies in these days of stressed budgets and massive layoffs. Some company executives feel that training is a disposable commodity and not an investment in the company and its employees. An inexpensive and practical solution is to have the classroom come to you through the convenience and mobility of a mobile virtual classroom. Virtualization’s leveraged hardware, virtual machine templates, mobility and easy setup make its use for training a virtual no brainer...

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