August 19, 2013

Install an Open Source Dropbox Alternative on Linux in 10 Steps

Dropbox has made its mark as an integral productivity tool. Simple file sharing and syncing makes it easy to keep all your important documents and files on hand, wherever you are.  

If you're anything like me, you've hit the space limit of your free Dropbox account, and wondered if the Open Source world has any alternatives. Good news! Sparkleshare has you covered. Combined with a Bitbucket account and a little effort, you can have practically unlimited storage, for free!

What would you not use Sparkleshare for? Git is not designed for large files. Bitbucket will not allow you to upload a file bigger than a 100MB, and you may see a significant performance impact for files over 10MB. Sparkleshare may not be the best choice if you're sharing your MP3 collection, or other sizeable files.  

Editor’s Note: The tutorial portion of this article has been removed. Atlassian confirmed that using Bitbucket to store anything other than code violates its terms of service. (Thanks for the message Marcus Bertrand.)

Knowing this we are honoring their request to remove the instructions. We have however retained the comments as this discussion could be informative to future projects/ storage solutions. Thanks again for bringing this issue to our attention and weighing in with your comments.

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