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How to Customize the Star Wars Screensaver on Linux

Configure the cool Star Wars screensaver to display your own text, and pull in fresh dynamic content.

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How to Build a Contextual Menu in Android App Development

Creating appropriate menus for your app is vital to creating a good user experience. In the last tutorial, we looked at creating the options menu with XML and also at adding items programmatically. In this tutorial, we'll look at contextual menus — menus which relate to a particular part of the view.

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How to Install and Configure KVM and Open vSwitch on Ubuntu or Debian

In today's multi-tenant data centers, virtualization technology is being extended from traditional hypervisor-based server virtualization to network virtualization. In this environment, software-based virtual switches are commonly deployed on servers along with hypervisor, bridging traffic among different virtual machines (VMs). In this tutorial, I am going to demonstrate how to install...

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How to Set Up a Mail Server in Ubuntu or Debian

This tutorial will discuss how to set up a working mail server in Ubuntu or Debian. As we know, the two major protocols used in a mail server are SMTP and POP/IMAP. In this tutorial, postfix will be used for SMTP, while dovecot will be used for POP/IMAP. Both are...

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How to Check Internet Speed from the Command Line on Linux

When you are experiencing slow Internet access, you may want to test the Internet speed of your upstream ISP (often called "last mile" in the residential broadband networks) as part of troubleshooting. For that matter, is probably the most widely used broadband speed testing website. Underneath it, loads...

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