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How to Configure Nagios for Audio Alerts and Mobile Notifications

In a Network Operation Centre (NOC) environment, setting up alerts is extremely important. As one of the most popular NOC monitoring systems, Nagios features powerful alerting services. Alerts generated by Nagios can be sent out in various means, so that they can be acted upon immediately. Email notification is the...

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Android App Development: How to Create an Options Menu

So far in our Android UI building blocks tutorials we haven't really looked at menus, but of course they're an essential part of the user experience of our application. In this tutorial, we'll look at creating an options menu via XML, and at adding a menu item programmatically. 

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How to Develop Cross-Platform Mobile Apps on Linux

The last few years have witnessed dramatic growth of the mobile market, mostly driven by a large selection of applications. As consumers, we all hate to see some kind of market monopoly by any one platform. The more competition, the more innovation. As developers, we have mixed feelings about cross-platform...

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How to Stitch Photos Together on Linux

If you are an avid photographer, you will probably have several stunning panoramic photos in your portfolio. You don't have to be a professional photographer, nor need specialized equipment to create dramatic panoramic pictures. In fact, there are quite a few picture stitch apps (online or offline, desktop or mobile),...

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How to Install and Configure Nagios on Linux

Nagios is one of the most powerful network monitoring systems, which is widely used in the industry. It can actively monitor any network, and generate audio/email warnings and alerts when any problem is detected. The check types and alert timers are fully customizable. Another incredible capability of Nagios is that...

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