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Add RSS feeds to Firefox and Thunderbird

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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds are an outstanding means to keep up with your favorite web sites, without having to constantly go back to the site or refresh a page. And you can view feeds of multiple sources in one convenient location. Sounds great doesn't it? But how do you go about reading these feeds? It's quite simple. And with Firefox and/or Thunderbird you already have nearly everything you need to start reading your favorite RSS feeds.

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How to install Linux on an Intel Mac with Boot Camp

Want to see what all the Linux hype is about? Want to be able to take part in the Linux based geek conversations around the water cooler at work?
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How to Dual Boot Linux and Windows 7 RC

Are you a Linux user wondering about all the Windows 7 RC hoopla? No matter what you think about Microsoft, nobody will mind if you try it out in secret. Here we’ll look at shrinking a Linux partition to make room for Windows 7 and then installing Windows 7 on the PC.
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Command line made easy: five simple recipes for grep

The grep command is regarded as one of the most essential building blocks of command line automation. It is a search tool that can be used to perform basic text filtering and processing tasks on files and streams.
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Undelete Files in Ubuntu Using Foremost

Although there's no common "undelete" command for a Linux EXT3 file system, you can recover many types of accidentally erased files, including documents, graphics, and system files using the "Foremost" console application.
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