November 24, 2009

With Windows 7, Only Half of Samba Stops Working

Article Source LinuxPlanet

Windows 7 is out, and everyone says they are going to upgrade, finally. What does this mean for your Samba servers? In this article we will talk about our experience using Windows 7 with Samba, both as a domain controller and as a basic file server.

Samba is not important just for those rogue sysadmins who try to avoid buying Windows Server products. Samba is used by storage appliance manufacturers and within a wide variety of other embedded devices. Samba interoperability is therefore important for both IT shops that run Linux servers, and businesses that sell Linux-based devices. Microsoft may not, contrary to popular belief, intentionally break Samba, but updates to the protocol and client default settings (due to complaints about security in the Windows world) often leave Samba unable to operate, which brings us to some good news:

This time, with Windows 7, only half of Samba stops working...

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