November 26, 2003

1.0 BETA1B of ekkoBSD released

mike writes " (November 25, 2003) -- Michael J. Denton, Public Relations for ekkoBSD, has announced the latest BETA release of the ekkoBSD Operating System to the public today. The new Operating System currently supports the ia32 (most PC's) platform, and will be followed soon with sparc64 and Pegasos II PPC support.

1.0 BETA1B of ekkoBSD released!

We here at ekkoBSD are proud to announce our 1.0 BETA1B release!

Highlights of this build include:

* First native build as ekkoBSD
* BSD ftpd has been replaced by pure-ftpd
* Enhanced security
* Introduction of the new installer EINSTein

We invite everyone to visit our website and join our mailing lists to learn more about us and find out how you can get involved.

As with any new release we need mirrors! Please email Rick if you can/will mirror our primary site. We are also currently looking for a new primary ftp hosting site, please drop us a line if you can help.

We value the input of the developer and user community and as such please send along your comments/suggestions to

What is ekkoBSD?

ekkoBSD as a core OS offers security, stability, and flexibility to your infrastructure. As a default installation, it gives you an email server, Web Server, ssh, and several other services that would normally need to be added and secured. The goal of the ekkoBSD project is to provide a safe, secure, and simple to administer network operating system."



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